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the latest news and information about Visual Effects supervisor Brad J Hayes

It's been a busy year

Brad Hayes

It's been a busy year, I have lived in New York, been the VFX sup on a pilot, and worked as the CG Sup on Both Sleepy Hollow and Gotham. which ironicly air back to back. I worked on the first half of the 2014/2015 TV season on sleepy hollow at Origin Digital studios and the second half at CoSA. It's been an amazing year 

Disney uses puffs of air for haptic feedback.

Brad Hayes

The good folks over at Walt Disney Imagineering have come up with a new an interesting way to create the sensation of contact with virtual objects. This little device creates small puffs of air that simulate the sensation of touch. It you have ever played with an air puff gun, you know that this kind of thing can travel fairly long distances and still have a significant effect. 

I would love to see this replace the air jets on the Indiana Jones ride. Those seem to just be blast of compressed air. and they make a ton of noise.   

The new website is officilaly launched.

Brad Hayes

I have been working on this for quite some time now, but it's finally here. I'm very excited to present to you my new website. Oh there is still a ton of work to be done. but the foundation is here and looking good.   

It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. This new version will eventually include a shop were I can sell meshes and hdrs, and whatnot. the blog links directly to Facebook and you can download a copy of my resume from the bio page. 

finally upgraded to Squarespace v6

Brad Hayes


every few years I get the urge to update the look and feel of my website and demo reel. Well here is the new site. Every time I do this is gets easier and easier. This time it was as simple as upgrading from squarespace 5 to squarespace 6.  When I first started working on a Mac, I tried to make a nice web site with iweb. and it was almost possible, but ultimately not quite. but I think squarespace finaly completes the dream. Its super easy to set up and customize. you don't need to have any web development skills., but if you do it seems to give you a lot of power. Anyway. I hope you like the new site. and I hope this will give me a reason to keep it more up to date. 


Olympus has fallen!

Brad J Hayes

Last year I spent some time in Shreveport Louisiana working on a little film. As the Previs Supervisor I have to say the final shots look pretty amazing.  

Just wrapped up a gig at Mirada Studios.

Brad J Hayes

I had a great time working with the good people at Mirada Studios since the begining of the year. Worked on four spots with them including the PSY Pistachio Super Bowl Spot, A Kellogs Crunch Nut Commercial, an update of a Tide spot, and a LAte night shoot for an upcoming Mazda spot. 

Well, Modo 701 is out now.

Brad J Hayes

701 is here! This is a huge upgrade for modo. Modo has become my favorite 3D package and I can't wait to start using this in production. It may not compete with maya feature to feature, but in many ways it is a far more modern solution. If you haven't used it, or if you haven't used it in a while, do yourself a favor and check it out NOW!

New Bio Update

Brad J Hayes

“I knew from an early age that I would end up in VFX. When I was a kid I would watch old horror and sci-fi movies and think about making my own monsters and spaceships. As soon as I got my hands on a computer, that is exactly what I did.”

Read It Here!


Brad J Hayes

So I finaly added my "Character Reel" to the videos page. It's a compilation of some of the VFX work I have done involving characters. Some of this is work I have done myself, other shots I supervised, and some of them I directed the animation and some, all of the above. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did making them.

Characters from Brad J Hayes on Vimeo.

Carl's Jr: Robot

Brad J Hayes

Hey, I started getting phone calls last night that my most recent spot had started popping up. And when I say "My spot" I mean, I lit and rendered one shot. The FX work was done at a place called Eight FX in Santa Monica. Fred Hopp, was my supervisor and it looks great. I love when there is a spot I'm really proud to be a part of. Here are all the details.

Any Moment Now

Brad J Hayes

Here is the first music video I directed. I shot this in the summer of 2010, shortly after I left Digital Domain. The Shoot lasted less that eight hours; I wish I could say the same about the edit. It was shot on Two Canon 7D cameras. My DP was my good friend Matt Bramante. And of course the song is by the always-amazing Ainjel Emme. If you have not yet heard of her, I suggest you hop on over to iTunes and download her latest album.

Any Moment Now from Brad J Hayes on Vimeo


Brad J Hayes

Kollossus is my new company. Providing VFX services beyond what I can do as a Freelance VFX supervisor. Currently focusing on Small object scanning, creation and photo texturing. We employ a variety of proprietary and off the shelf hardware and software. Keep an eye out for our website coming soon.