A couple of new spots

Hey I just finished a stint at Laundry, here are a couple of spots I'm super proud of. The first one aired during the Indy500, and the second one aired during the Stanley Cup finals.  

These were, or at least, the vfx portions of them were, shot with camera arrays: then Tracked, then Stabilized. But surprisingly match move was never a problem.

In the first spot, "Finish Line,"  the Shot of the Car coming across the line is mostly synthetic. The car is real, the surface of the track is real, and the guy waving the flag is real, but shot separately. Otherwise it was all built in Modo, and moved over to Maya then rendered in VRay. The tress are are a mix of fully CG trees, and images on cards. all comped in After Effects. Oh and keep in mind this was a project I walked into in progress. This had been started by another artist. So I had to pick up in the middle a week behind schedule. 

In "Slap Shot," Again this is a mostly synthetic shot. It was also shot with a camera array. Once we are in the "Pro Game" the only real parts are the players on the ice, and the ref. The surfce of the ice may be blended with the CG version. Basically because of the crowd simulation, I built the entire Honda Center. Seats, riser, railings and all,  while working on the Indy spot so that we could get it to the crowd guy as early as possible.  The players in the team boxes are real, they just aren't part of the original shoot. They were shot on green screen separately.   Agin this was all build in modo, then moved over to Maya, to be rendered in Vray.