Coming Soon: the Nautilus Project.

For years I have wanted to write a book, Maya for Modo artists: Or Modo for Maya Artists. The problem is that as soon as I started to write it I would find that I just ended up Griping about one program or the other. Finally, I have cracked a way, not only to be very useful to both Maya and modo  artists, I want to create a dialogue, with readers.

I'm creating a new blog, that will be a series of tutorials, done in both maya and modo simultaneously. walking you through the steps I used for each step. Sometimes it's almost identical, sometimes it's completely different, and sometimes I don't know what the best way to do something is and I will just wing it. 

I will try to keep it short and simple and concise for each step along the way. Like everything I do here. I'm doing this primarily for my own education. Basically these are my notes.and I invite you to follow along.