Here is a jumble of configs you may find helpful. 

FilmBacks: (901_custom_filmBacks.cfg). Once added you will get a set of Film Back Presets.  These will set both your Camera film back width and height, as well as the render frame resolution width and height. But most importantly this is meant to be a text file you can edit and customize. It is a modo xml based config. With a little experimentation you can edit this list to add just about any custom settings. in the image to the side you can see all of the custom KLS presets (Kollossus Studios).

Lens Kit: This one grew out of my frustration with early builds of modo not showing the cameras focal length in mm; it would show in whatever your base measurements system was set to in preferences . So I made a list of every lens in a standard Cook Lens kit, so I would have a real world preset. The list in the lens kit are the same lens lengths that I have used many times on set. 901 fixes the fact that the focal length of the cameras lens is now displayed in mm. However the preset menu, will still show the name of the lens and the value.  The name will show you the lens in mm, however the value, is translated into whatever measurement system you are currently using. 

Render Presets: Bonus File. (901_custom_renderPresets.cfg) This config will add some custom menu settings, to your irradiance rate, irradiance ratio, interpolation values, and caustic settings. Again this is more of a meant to be a starting point for you to add your own customization. 




  1. UnZip the download. The zip contains three files (901_custom_filmBacks.cfg, 901_lensKit.cfg, and 901_Custom_renderpresets.cfg).  
  2. Move the files into your personal config folder.

If you don't know where the folder is on your operating system, go to the main modo menu bar and  select "SYSTEM>Open User Config Folder." If your config folder is being redirected or repathed, see your sys admin. 

Side Effects: The only downside to using this config is that you may have kits installed, like mARCH, that will add additional tabs to the default "modo tools" form. These extra tabs can be added manually to the tail of the form. Add Link To Tutorial Here.