While I was working at Digital Domain, there were a few places where we always shot our commercials. Mostly in Los Angeles, but sometimes all over the world. Again this was an early experiment in customization. So I made a list of all the places that we had shot or that I would like to shoot. Then I made a config to augment the list of locations for modo Physical Sun. By default modo gives you New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Tokyo, and of course Luxology HQ. But I wanted places specific for my shoots. I admit that the difference between  Universal Studios Back Lot and the Warner Brothers Back Lot could be less than a mile. I have shot at both and Just wanted the setting. So again this is really just a script you should look at as a learning opportunity and figure out how to configure your own custom locations.  

DOWNLOAD: locations.cfg.zip


  1. UnZip the download. The zip contains a single file (901_locations.cfg).  
  2. Move the file into your personal config folder.

If you don't know where the folder is on your operating system, go to the main modo menu bar and  select "SYSTEM>Open User Config Folder." If your config folder is being redirected or repathed, see your sys admin. 

Side Effects: The only downside to using this config is that you may have kits installed, like mARCH, that will add additional tabs to the default "modo tools" form. These extra tabs can be added manually to the tail of the form. Add Link To Tutorial Here.