I love working in modo, I don't think anyone who knows me, doesn't know that. But there are a few things that modo lacks. One is an Image Plane. The "Backdrop Image Item" is very useful in a lot of cases. However there are sometimes when you need to have your image plane in 3D space. So I have created the "Modo Image Plane." This is a simple kit that gives you a Image Plane attached to your camera. 

  1. After the kit is installed (see below), open the preset browser (F6). 
  2. You should see a folder called "modoImagePlane." Open it. inside is an assembly. 
  3. Double click on the  modoImagePlane assembly. This will add it to your scene. 
  4. You will see a circle near the origin (0,0,0). Drag that onto your camera. (NOTE: Currently this only works on the current render camera. And you can only have one instance of this assembly.)  
  5. Now you should see a circle behind the camera. double click on that to bring up a channel haul interface. (NOTE: Currently this is a distance multiplayer and not a distance from camera. ) 
  6. When you first load the modo image plane it will load with an image attached to it, as a place holder. Just replace that image with your plate. 
  7. BONUS: in the kit you will find a folder imagePlaneImages, and in there you will find the photoshop file to modify this default image. If you should want to. 


Download: modoImageplane



  1. UnZip the download. The zip contains kit (modoImagePlane_kit).  
  2. Move the files into wherever you keep your kits (usually the content folder). 

If you don't know where the folder is on your operating system, go to the main modo menu bar and  select "SYSTEM>Open Content Folder." If your folder is being redirected or repathed, see your sys admin.