Here is another kit. This will add three buttons to the bottom of the camera properties.  It should be pretty self explanatory. Sometimes, when compositing your shot, you just need "more" of the image outside the borders. This is how to add that. 

For example If you render a 1920 x 1086 image, and the compositor needs to stabilize your render after the fact. You may need a little more image around the out side boarder. you can't just scale up the images because that will just make everything bigger. You need to add more area, but you also need to keep al the original piles exactly the same. Basically you need to multiply the render resolution AND the Film Gate by the same value. So by increasing the size of the film gate, you are widening out the field of view, but NOT the angle of view. So everything would be smaller in the rendered frame. However you are also increasing the render resolution. So that everything stays exactly where it was per pixel. 



  1. UnZip the download. The zip contains kit (overscan_kit).  
  2. Move the files into wherever you keep your kits (usually the content folder). 

If you don't know where the folder is on your operating system, go to the main modo menu bar and  select "SYSTEM>Open Content Folder." If your folder is being redirected or repathed, see your sys admin.