Power Tools:

Hold on Don't  get too excited. The powerTools_Kit is simply a restructuring of the most common commands I personally use all the time AND an attempt to organize the ones that I almost never use, so that when I do I can "generaly" find them with out 10 mintes of hunting.  

First, you may find the same tool in multiple places. For example on the first tab, "tools" you will see commands organized by component: Verts, Edges, Polys, etc.  But many of the tools here you will also find on the "modify," or "multiply," tabs. I find this organization requires less thinking than the basic "modo Tools" tool bar. So feel free to use it, or not.

But if you are trying to follow any of my tutorials and you see my interface looks different than yours, this is probably why. 

Download 901_powerTools


  1. UnZip the download. The zip contains two files (901_powerTools.cfg, and top.cfg).  
  2. Move the files into your Kits folder.

If you don't know where the folder is on your operating system, go to the main modo menu bar and  select "SYSTEM>Open Content Folder." If your Content folder is being redirected or repathed, see your sys admin. 

Side Effects: The only downside to using this config is that you may have other kits installed, like mARCH, that will add additional tabs to the default "modo tools" form. These extra tabs can be added manually to the tail of the form. at some point I will add a link to a tutorial here.